The Design Process

The Design Process

There are several steps required when I do a site design.

First and foremost, I think it is important to work with a landscape designer who has design ideas that match your sense of style. Take a look at the photos I have posted on this Web site and see if there is a type of garden you like.

I try hard to make my landscapes suite the client's needs and site requirements while incorportating my own personal garden design style. During the initial meeting with a client I like to discuss your needs and desires. It is also critical to get a sense of the project's budget during this first meeting. If you have a budget you are working with please let me know. As plant sizes vary so do their costs. During this first meeting I will also discuss and negotiate my design fee.

In the early stages of a project I often need to get a copy of the site plan (often called a A2, showing property lines, the building footprint, etc.) which I use to start a C.A.D. plan of the property. I will also use digital photos of your property to make a computer generated vision of how your garden will look once the plan is implemented. In addition, I assess the physical requirements needed to implement my design. For example, a retaining wall may be needed or water drainage may be required. After this assessment I made adjustments to the plan and have another meeting with the clients.

At the next client meeting I present the design plan (in the form of an overhead drawing), a plant list, and the computer generated photos of the final product. I also discuss any questions or comments the client might have and I will certainly made adjustment based on your comments. At this point I also give an estimate for the work to be done.

In addition to landscape design, I can be hired at an hourly rate for horticultural consultation. I am also a licensed arborist as well as licensed for turf and ornamentals.